Jillian Tamaki

Sketchbook: Tonya

Feb 9th, 2014


Another 20,000 Leagues teaser

Jan 16th, 2014

My interpretation of the most famous (although, in reality, curiously minor) scene from Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under The Seas, available this Spring from the Folio Society.


Sketchbook: Cat Cult

Jan 14th, 2014


Sketchbook: Canada is Haunted

Jan 10th, 2014


Sunday Review Cover

Jan 5th, 2014



An illustration for this weekend’s Sunday Review cover. A really interesting article about new ways of assessing cancer rates.

AD Erich Nagler

Folio Society

Jan 3rd, 2014

I illustrated another Folio Society book coming out in this spring… I wonder what it is…


From the Annals of Rejected Sketches

Dec 5th, 2013

But you have to admit making a book is a lot like giving birth…



Nov 26th, 2013

An illustration about world overpopulation, for Corporate Knights magazine. AD Jack Dylan.



Life Cycles

Nov 15th, 2013

Got the color proofs in for THIS ONE SUMMER today… in glorious PANTONE! So luxurious.

I finished the art in July and the book is coming out in May. But things are busy again as production wraps up and the promo begins. Things that have been going on, starting with the glamorous:

-picking paper stock and pantone colour

-finishing up the back, spine, flap designs. I have been a pain-in-the-butt about these elements because I’m such a control freak (sorry, dear publisher!)

-planning our launch events at TCAF 2014

Now, the unglamorous:

-the necessary-evil of blurb-gathering, bio-writing (various versions, long and short), synopsis-generating (again, long-and-short versions)

-assembling a list of people who need to get review copies

-figuring out how many events we can cram into next year, ie. as many as possible, but not so many that we will actually physically perish

-a litany of other promotional strategies that is being handled by more capable people than myself

What I’m saying is that at some point a book ceases being one thing and becomes something else. First the book is a bundle of story, characters, themes that you massage for a few years. Then it kind of shifts and becomes a physical object, which needs a cover and paper and glue to hold it together. Then it transitions again to being a product. Products need marketing and promotion. All these various “life cycles” require a lot of care and attention to detail and I think shortchanging any individual stage (creation, production, marketing) can really fail the book as a whole. Fingers crossed!


Oct 28th, 2013


For the NYT “Private Lives” blog. It’s about a woman whose husband has died and has felt abandoned by friends and society.

AD Alexandra Zsigmond.