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Mar 30th, 2015


A Skim tattoo! On IG user @_leelai <3

Most Awesome

Jan 10th, 2012

A couple of days ago I got an email from a librarian in New Jersey named Julie. Julie had some good news! The library’s Teen Gay Straight Book Club (Ocean County Library, Toms River Branch, by the way) had voted SKIM as “Most Awesome Book” in a recent awards ceremony and could she send me and Mariko certificates?

Um. YES!!

I received the lovely package yesterday. I don’t think anything else this week will top it. Thanks Ocean County library! Thank-you, book club teens! And thank-you Julie and all the librarians. Yours is important work and we authors love you.

Away for Thanksgiving. And News!

Nov 23rd, 2010

1. The Studio will be closed (again!) from Nov 25- Dec 2nd. I will be checking email though.

2. The Comics Journal offers an interesting analysis of SKIM.

3. I designed these tees for Desert Island comic shop! They’ll be available at the BCGF! Which I will be attending. I will be signing at the D&Q table on Saturday, 6-8. Info in link.

4. A big thank-you to Craft Goddess Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching, who mentioned my Monster Quilt on her blog today. Fun fact: it was one of Jenny’s starter kits that actually eased me into embroidery. Tiny world.

5. Math is hard. I’m taking a quilting class…. and it turns out quilting is a little more than just picking out delightful fabrics and happily humming along with your sewing machine? But I persevere. I will show you the results in a few weeks. Respect to the little old ladies, y’all.


Nov 9th, 2010

I am back from EuroTour 2010. A few notes.

PARIS. What a town! It’s completely cliché to sing praise about Paris, but hey. Gorgeous and interesting and tasty falafels. What else do you need? Junior high school French immersion kicked in and I felt like a jerk American tourist only some of the time, as opposed to all of the time, as I had feared.

I spent most of the day walking around and being a flâneur (as one does). I forgot my camera battery again, as I did in California and Comic-con, so I suppose 2010 will go down in history as the year I didn’t go anywhere. If you didn’t take a picture of it, did it really happen?

So I mostly just wandered but did decide to brave the crowds on my last day and visit the Louvre. Idea: just cut to the chase and put the Mona Lisa in a special room just off the entrance near the gift shop. In-and-out, one stop shopping! I suppose I’m an elitist for thinking one should go to a museum because you find the objects interesting, not to tick off a Paris Top Ten list. (But I digress… this happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves.) I did a new thing: I happened to have a pen and my daytimer and did some quick drawings of some of the objects. A great way to spend the morning and facilitate awkward, stunted conversations with little French children. The results are in this post.

Dutch cartooning is alive and kicking! The guys at Lambiek bookstore in Amsterdam were proud to show us their favourite comic artists such as Gummbah, Brecht Evens, Herr Steele/Kamagurka (Cowboy Henk), and a comic that I can’t remember the title of but had a picture of a guy with a giant penis on it. The Dutch! Anyway, did you know that Holland is the only country with an official government appointed ambassador of comics? His name is Gertjan Pos we drank jenever with him.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we met a lot of people and signed a lot of books. “We” meaning me, my cousin Mariko, and Nate Powell, whose book Swallow Me Whole was also published in Dutch. Nate is a fabulous person and I was so glad to have met him. We were all over the place, including the famous Lambiek bookstore in Amsterdam (awesome), the Willem de Kooning Academie (where I met a fellow Albertan! Hi Erica!), and the Kunststripbeurs comic fair in Utrecht, where I met Joost Swarte, which was thrilling. I was pleased to meet Ward Zwart who came from Antwerp. I’m a fan.

So thank-you to everyone who came and visited us! And thanks to our publisher, Sherpa, for the translation.


Oct 27th, 2010

The Studio is closed! I return Nov 9.

Details of Dutch Book Tour here.

Some other parting news notes:

-SKIM is on the long list for Canada Reads Novel of the Decade! Wow. Voting is open to ANYONE. Vote here!

-I’m in good company for Robin McConnell’s INKSTUDS book, which is comprised of interview transcripts from his excellent podcasts. I am always cutting Robin off in our interviews. Because I am rude. AND I LOVE COMICS!

-This is a freaking amazing magazine cover.

(Cats above are for MORE Magazine. AD Claudia Ameida.)

Skim in DUTCH!

Oct 21st, 2010

Skim will soon be available in another language. So far we’re up to French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch… Italian and Portuguese are to come! The publisher is of the Dutch editionSherpa and they’ll be be shuttling us around Holland and Belgium in a little under two weeks!

Here is a list of events:

Tues, Nov 2
5: Presentation and Press Release, Lambiek (Amsterdam, Holland)

Wed, Nov 3
Lecture/Workshop, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. (closed to public.)
4-6: Signing, Stripwinkel SJORS bookshop (Dordrecht, Holland)

Thurs, Nov 4
3-5.30: Signing, De Stripkever (Mechelen, Belgium)

Fri, Nov 5
12-2: Signing, Het B-Gevaar (Brussels, Belgium)
4-6: Signing, Het Besloten Land (Leuven, Belgium)

Sat, Nov 6
11-4: Launch and Signings, Stripkunstbeurs/Comic Art Show (Utrecht, Brussels)

(If you’re an illustrator and have no interest in comics at all, please also come say hi! I will not pressure sell to you!)


Oct 5th, 2010

Things are busy around here. But I have some NEWS.

#1: HOLLAND! BELGIUM! Mariko and I will be launching the Dutch translation in Europe in November! I will give more details as all is finalized. Lots of thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for providing us with funding. It’s amazing that such an institution exists to help the Arts thrive in Canada… we Canadians are very lucky.

#2: I’m in Giant Robot this month. I haven’t even seen it yet! Normally I would jaunt over to GRNY in the East Village, but alas, the place was recently closed down. Fun fact: I was in GRNY’s 2nd show in 2005, mere months after I moved to NY.

#3: I’m going to be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival on December 4. It promises to be bigger, better, and there MAY BE T-SHIRTS done by yours truly? Stay tuned.

Half World Giveaway

Apr 1st, 2010

So my blog moved a few days ago and that was slightly traumatic.

But I think it’s gonna be okay.

As a THANK-YOU to those of you who changed your RSS feeds and such, I am doing a little giveaway contest.

Today, April 1, Hiromi Goto’s book Half World was released in the US by Viking/Penguin books. I did the illustrations (cover and interiors). I have to read a lot of stuff for my job, and I don’t enjoy a lot of it. I really enjoyed this.

SO! I have a TWO promo packages to give away: a copy of Half World, a softcover copy of Skim, plus a copy of the Newsprint Pencil Factory poster promo, plus some postcards.

What would one have to do to receive such a magical prize? Simple. Just “Like” this post in Google Reader. Here’s how:

I’ll randomly choose two winners and post the results here tomorrow.

Thanks again!

P.S. Make sure you’re not “Anonymous”… not that you need your real name obviously. Just something to identify yourself.

Smoke Signal #4 + Other Stuff

Mar 9th, 2010

Hi All,

Dirty Mike has been published in Desert Island’s Smoke Signal zine. Thanks, Gabe!

It’s available in-store (540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn) and online.


♪ I will be at San Diego Comic-con.

♪ I will be on a panel at MoCCA.

♪ Skim will appear in my foreign translations! Edicoes SM (Brazil) will publish the book in Portugese and Uitgeverij Sherpa (Holland) will translate to Dutch. NICE!

♪ I’m attending this year’s ICON event in Los Angeles, where I will eat many, many burritos.

Skim in Softcover

Feb 17th, 2010

The softcover version of Skim is now available. I believe the cover price is $12.95 US.