Jillian Tamaki


Jan 1st, 2012

Trying to make my studio a more amiable place to work in prep for a very crazy new year. Getting distracted by the stuff I’m supposed to be throwing away. Made this collage.

Sometimes I wish I was a collage artist. It’s so immediate and direct. I was very into this sort of thing when I was a high-school student, when I discovered the Dadaists and this book of Surrealist games.

Fall Leaves

Oct 14th, 2011

‘Made some Fall decorations this afternoon.

Two Horsey Kids

Aug 24th, 2010


Jun 15th, 2010


Jan 26th, 2010

I was dutifully doing work when I started watching a documentary on the Shakers. Then I had to draw a picture of the Shakers because I’m a sucker for the costume of religious fundamentalists.

Watching a movie about Shakers while filling in virtual shapes with virtual paintbrushes, and streaming said movie over a worldwide network of fiber optic cables and pulleys. Unpack that for a while.

Situational Readymades 4

Nov 4th, 2009

I need to talk about something uncool for a sec.

Let’s be straight: I love animals and I love dogs and I’ve owned a few dogs myself. I know people in the city that own dogs and they’re cool and I like them. That said, I think NYC Dog Culture is very peculiar. New Yorkers really love their dogs, that’s clear, and they kind of expect you to love their dogs too.

I will just say this, and leave it at that: it is NOT OKAY to let your dog drink out of public water fountains. Fountains are for people. And yes, I know my very own hands carry more germs than your dog’s mouth or the average toilet or whatever. But please! DOGS LICK BUTTS. THEIR OWN AND OTHERS!


Gilbert, Slate Smash, Dare, Finding Religion

Jul 6th, 2009

Hope Larson points out (via Twitter) that Anne of GG seems to be the first novel to explore pertinent YA issues–I think she may be on to something! In this chapter, Anne confronts bullying, peer pressure, and spirituality.

Bosom Buddies, Secret, The Cordial Incident

Jul 6th, 2009

Train, Carrot, Mr. Barry’s Ridgepole

Jul 5th, 2009


Apr 21st, 2009

I have been super swamped these days but I forced myself to sit down and sketchbook this afternoon. This is what came out. So make of it what you will.