Jillian Tamaki

Siggi Eggertsson

Apr 28th, 2009

Here is something very different but also interesting. Siggi Eggertsson is an Icelandic designer and illustrator and I liked these videos of his philosophies. They are two “automated lectures” that took place in Germany.

(skip to the 3 minute mark if you’d prefer to not watch the intro)

Karen Barbour has a website!

Apr 28th, 2009

I think this may be new! I remember looking for a website a little while ago and not finding one listed.

I love this stuff. I feel the same pangs of jealousy that I get when I see Vivienne Flesher’s or Maira Kalman’s work. Actually resenting not BEING that person is pretty much as irrational as one can get, no?

(By the way, Vivienne did a absolutely stunning Op-Ed the other day about Cleopatra.)

All three women have been illustrating for a while and yet their work is still so true and fresh. Very inspirational.

Canadian Design Resource

Apr 21st, 2009

A site I like to check up on is the Canadian Design Resource. I like how they present both good, bad (and REALLY bad), generally without comment. Crafts and First Nations are also represented.

The collection paints a broad and interesting picture. It seems to me Canada once had a stronger visual identity than it does now. ‘Could be the Nostalgia talking though.

Quentin Blake

Mar 8th, 2009

Quentin Blake is one of my favourite illustrators.

Quentin Blake does not need a website.

But Quentin Blake has a website.


Interviews, studio photos, process sketches, a shop, and this incredible video of Mr. Blake working.

A few things I thought were really interesting about the video:

1. While inking the final image on the light-table (with what looks like an upside down nib?), he is NOT tracing. He is redrawing using the underlying image as a rough guide. Nathan Fox spoke a bit about this when he visited my class a few weeks ago, as he inked over a very loose drawing. I think it’s really important you CONCENTRATE when you’re drawing and stay very cognizant about what you are doing. You should never be on “autopilot” when you are drawing.

2. Please observe that he will often do a piece several times. I do this too. If something isn’t working, sometimes the best thing to do is to throw it away and start over. This is particularly important if “freshness” and “simplicity” is a vital aspect of your work. In many ways, “simple” is the hardest thing to do because you have nowhere to hide.

3. I have noticed that many students do not like doing sketches. Quentin Blake’s work looks so free and loose, but please note the amount of planning and roughs behind his pictures. The fact is that illustrators are collaborators and sketches are the way we communicate with designers, art directors, editors, or whoever we’re working with. Part of your process development should be finding a way to fulfill this step while still keeping things interesting and fresh for the final stage.

Maira Lincoln

Feb 27th, 2009

I know I post everything Maira Kalman does with the Times, but I think this one is my favourite by far.

In Love With A Lincoln.

Two for the Road

Feb 26th, 2009

Tatsuro Kiuchi (above) and Alexandra Falagara (below) are two of my favourite illustrators right now (ie. they make me feel bad about myself).

Not to be a braggart, but…

Feb 10th, 2009


Nathan Fox came to my class at Parsons today to give a little slide presentation and demo of his work. I am a huge fan of Nathan’s so this was very exciting. He was humble and funny and very generous with his time and knowledge. And, most importantly, now I get to hang this rad drawing in my studio.

(The drawing was done with a brush and black and red sumi-e ink on bristol.)

Tomer Hanuka

Feb 9th, 2009

‘Just loved this image. Read about it.

Maira Kalman

Feb 1st, 2009

On the Inauguration.

Absence in Pictures

Jan 18th, 2009

I liked James Gurney’s post on “Absence and Presence” to commemorate Andrew Wyeth. In short, what you leave out of a picture is as important as what you put in. A good lesson for students (or any of us that fall back on too-literal solutions).

If you happen to be looking for a good Wyeth book, check this one out. ‘Got it a few years ago and it’s excellent.