Jillian Tamaki

Lotte Reiniger

Oct 11th, 2009

Yesterday Sam and I watched Lotte Reiniger’s Prince Achmed, which some consider the first animated film (1927). It was done using little hinged silhouettes. We were absolutely spellbound. How did we not know of her work earlier? (Note: we rented it thru Netflix)

Unfortunately there aren’t that many good clips I could find. This is one of the opening sequence, although it doesn’t really allude to the complexity and sophistication achieved in other sequences. Still, you can see the creativity and charm possible within such a “restrictive” medium. I love it when the wizard looks in the mirror at the end.

Here is another later film, Hansel and Gretel.

Dries Van Noten Spring 2010 (+Glue Colours)

Oct 5th, 2009

Pattern, Variety within Unity, Just the Right Amount of Surprise, Mastery of Glue Colours.

Glue Colours? Maybe it’s not their actual name. I’ve heard them also called other things, but I can’t remember exactly what at the moment.

What I call “Glue Colours” are the workhorse colours that support the “showstopper” colours. Not every colour can be a showstopper colour. You need a palette of neutrals to underscore the brights.

Unless you want LOUD, which is indeed perhaps the case.

Complete Dries slideshow.


Sep 29th, 2009

Paul Smith Spring 2010

Sep 22nd, 2009

Colour, Pattern, Balance, tiny bursts. Full show.

Do the Bartman

Sep 10th, 2009

This Slate article, about the “urbanization” of cartoon characters, reminded me of the My Best Thriftstore Purchase ever.

This may not make total sense to people who were not 11 in 1991.

Basically, the Simpsons was not simply an unfunny show that’s been on since you before you can remember. In the 1990s when it was new, it was The Rage and Bart t-shirts were very very VERY popular amongst the age set we now call “tweens”. They were somewhat controversial because Bart (or his alter-ego Bartman) would say things like, “Underachiever and Proud of It” and, well, that’s just a completely inappropriate attitude to have as a young person.

I found this shirt in the North Value Village in Calgary and it makes me really happy. I can see the earnest face of a youngster begging for a Bart t-shirt and a mom insisting there’s no need to buy one because she “can make a perfectly good shirt… and for half the price!”

Mom isn’t too good at planning stuff out beforehand, as you can see. “I’m Bart Simpson, Who the ‘H’ are you”? I don’t think that’s really how it went. Oh, and Bart doesn’t have teeth. Just so you know.

Moms just don’t understand.

2009 Cape Dorset Print Collection

Sep 2nd, 2009

The 2009 Cape Dorset Prints have been posted!

Above top, Quilt of Dreams, Suvinai Ashoona
Above bottom, Aujaqsiut Tupiq (Summer Tent), Suvinai Ashoona
Below: Arctic Appetizer, Ningeokuluk Teevee

Celia Neubauer

Aug 30th, 2009

One of the most influential teachers I ever had was Celia Neubauer. She wasn’t really an “official” teacher of mine and she definitely wouldn’t remember me– I was required by ACAD to take some make-up courses for credit so I took a very introductory course at Queens University (where I did my Foundation year) as an excuse to go back to Ontario and hang out.

As luck would have it, Ms. Neubauer was conducting the course. She was less interested in “drawing” (as I understood it) and more focused on “mark-making”, which was a very new, strange concept for me. The course left quite an impression, although obviously my work is in no way abstract. The lesson about mark-making is now, for me, about the broad strokes, relinquishing a degree of control about embracing “The Incidental”. It goes to show, you will never know where you’ll pick these things up.

The Yearling

Aug 24th, 2009

Maybe inspired by this article/video.

Functional Squares

Aug 21st, 2009

Been thinking a lot about Josef and Anni Albers lately. I should probably get a book. (Anni above, Josef below) These always remind me of a teacher I had at Queens University who was all about colour squares. Did not get it at all at the time.

TV Watching 2

Aug 17th, 2009

I go on TV benders when I am at my parents’ place or on vacation, being a rabbit-ears person normally. I drew this picture (and the last) at my grandparents’ condo in Florida. Turner Classic Movies. Bigtime.