Jillian Tamaki

Bibs n’ Bobs

Dec 6th, 2012

Jessica’s Invite

Jun 26th, 2012

A collage I made for my friend Jessica Hische’s wedding invite.

Archie in Fairyland

Apr 26th, 2012

Mom + Babies

Mar 12th, 2012

So I found a box of old Cat Fancys…

Feb 8th, 2012

A collage I made last summer.

Collage Comic

Jan 2nd, 2012


Jan 1st, 2012

Trying to make my studio a more amiable place to work in prep for a very crazy new year. Getting distracted by the stuff I’m supposed to be throwing away. Made this collage.

Sometimes I wish I was a collage artist. It’s so immediate and direct. I was very into this sort of thing when I was a high-school student, when I discovered the Dadaists and this book of Surrealist games.

Alien Spring

Apr 30th, 2011

Gnarly Party

Dec 9th, 2010

A Proposition

Nov 15th, 2010

This was originally made for a large newspaper format (the upcoming Smoke Signal), so you’ll probably need to click to enlarge.