Jillian Tamaki

Sunday Review Cover

Jan 5th, 2014



An illustration for this weekend’s Sunday Review cover. A really interesting article about new ways of assessing cancer rates.

AD Erich Nagler

Lizard Stressed Out With Apartment In Disarray Due To Impending Move

Jul 25th, 2013



Jul 11th, 2013

I am cross-posting to Tumblr now. Hopefully it’s easier for a lot of you guys to follow if that’s your platform of choice.



Sunday Collage

Jul 7th, 2013


Fever Collages

Jan 28th, 2013

Some collages I made when I was recovering from the flu a few weeks ago.

Black and White Collage

Dec 14th, 2012

Pencil Crayon Collage

Dec 8th, 2012

Another Collage

Dec 7th, 2012

Bibs n’ Bobs

Dec 6th, 2012

Jessica’s Invite

Jun 26th, 2012

A collage I made for my friend Jessica Hische’s wedding invite.