Jillian Tamaki

Sex in the Digital Age

Sep 23rd, 2013

Here is a recent job I did for The Walrus magazine. The article is about dating and hooking up in the age of Grindr, as well as homosexual lifestyles influencing heterosexual norms. I had so much fun with this one. Mostly because sex is so ridiculous and funny. The jokes really do write themselves.

These illustrations appeared in The Walrus’ 10th anniversary issue. Congrats! The Walrus has been both a great read and client for me for many years… come to think of it, I started my professional career the same year The Walrus launched. Thank you to current AD Brian Morgan and former AD Antonio DeLuca for helping me figure out my way on its pages.


Some saucy spots:



Baba Yaga

Sep 17th, 2013

I did a version of Baba Yaga for Fairy Tale Comics, a fun compilation of fairy tales in comics-form for kids. You can read it here.


Sep 15th, 2013


Hi SPX, thanks for giving SuperMutant Magic Academy another Ignatz brick this year. <3 I will definitely be hitting the cons next year when This One Summer comes out. See you then! ♫ Hustlin’-Hustlin’♪

Society of Illustrators Call for Entries

Sep 9th, 2013

As the Chair for this year’s Society of Illustrator show, I was in charge of commissioning the Call For Entries poster. For the illustration, I asked one of my favourite illustrators, Vivienne Flesher. For the design, Chelsea Cardinal, who is a dear friend and multi-talented designer (who just happens to art direct at GQ Magazine).

After pairing Vivienne and Chelsea, I just tried to stay out of the way and let both do what they thought was best for the design. The final result is surprising, interesting, and beautiful, I think! What’s more, it’s truly a double-sided poster… Chelsea’s type on the back is just as compelling as the front image.

You can enter Society of Illustrator’s annual competition online now. Check out the list of stellar judges.

Sometimes I think people question the function of a place like SI or usefulness of annuals in the age of the internet. Fair question. Certainly there are myriad other ways of promoting yourself to art directors, meeting peers, and getting your work seen. However, I can’t think of many other institutions that exist solely for archiving and promoting illustration and its history. And besides, the parties are pretty bumpin’.

Thanks to Anelle and Kate for their help with the poster.

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