Jillian Tamaki

Every Brand I Could Remember, Drawn From Memory

Dec 18th, 2012

A brand archeologist could probably track the exact time and place in which I’ve spent every age of my life.

I started this with a little cynicism in my heart, but it only triggered generally fond memories… thinking about the mall where my mom worked when I was a kid, moving to Ontario for university, and learning to live in New York.

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Dec 16th, 2012

I contributed two illustrations to the New York Times this weekend. The first was this piece about God and the second was a portrait of this kid from Glee, who seems like a delightful young man.

Black and White Collage

Dec 14th, 2012

NYT Op-Ed: Hark! The Angels Didn’t Sing

Dec 13th, 2012

This was a fun illustration. It was about how believers choose to interact with God in their daily lives. (Article here.) Evangelicals choose to have a more “personal” relationship with God and that’s what spurred this idea.

AD Matt Dorfman.

Pencil Crayon Collage

Dec 8th, 2012

Another Collage

Dec 7th, 2012

What’s this? A follow-up!

Dec 7th, 2012

A few weeks ago, I did an illustration for the NYT’s Arts and Leisure section about favourite classical music moments. In it, the author asked readers to write in with their own favourites and lo and behold, here we are with a SEQUEL illustration to accompany.

Obviously I tried to keep the theme but make it a variation on the treatment and maybe make it a little more individual/personal.

AD Paul Jean.

Bibs n’ Bobs

Dec 6th, 2012

Unused Sketch

Dec 2nd, 2012