Jillian Tamaki

Your Dreams My Nightmares Podcast

Dec 15th, 2011

Yesterday I was on my husband Sam’s radio show, Your Dreams My Nightmares. We spoke about confidence, lesbians, and our future baby (amongst other things). Here’s the podcast:

Your Dreams My Nightmares – Jillian Tamaki by Your Dreams My Nightmares

Afterwards, Sam bemoaned asking so much about Art School in the interview. So, if you never want to hear about Art School again, I’m sorry. If you’re a current student, you’re welcome.

Here’s the show’s webpage, in case you’d like to link/reblog/retumbl/rewhatever.

What’s Going On

Dec 13th, 2011

Hey guys, a few things I wanted to mention.

1. A Student FAQ! I made one. It’s here.

2. Tomorrow (Dec 14) I will be on my husband’s radio show, Your Dreams My Nightmares. You can ask a question via call-in, email, facebook, or twitter. All the info for that is in this post (I keep on telling him to GET RID OF THE RED, but I’m sorry. My powers only extend so far.) Your question has a much likelier chance of being answered if it doesn’t involve asking what kind of brushes I use. The interview will be archived and I’ll post the link here when it is.

3. Happy Holidays!

(The picture above is from a few months ago. It was originally commissioned by Toronto Life Magazine.)

Killed Sketches, BCGF

Dec 1st, 2011

Here is a sketch that no one was ever meant to see. it’s from a job that got killed. Boo-hoo, would have been fun. Oh well.

I will be signing at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival this weekend. Drawn + Quarterly table, 3-4. I am always happy to sign older books if you like, since if you’re reading this right now it’s likely you’ll have already bought my D+Q petit-livre.