Jillian Tamaki

The Astral: NY Times Book Review

Jul 31st, 2011

Here’s an illustration to accompany a book review of “The Astral” by Kate Christensen. It was a fun job to do because the book is set in my own neighbourhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The Astral is an apartment building by my husband’s studio by the waterfront. In fact, I have friends that have lived in The Astral.

Below, an alternate version.

Hang In There

Jul 26th, 2011

I’ve been trying to appliqué, but have had limited success. It’s too fussy and seems to lack the intuitiveness and spontaneity of embroidery and quilting, to my mind. Anyway, I made this thing as a bit of a test. Not terribly happy with it, but I’ll share some more successful appliqué experiments later this week.

It’s a little piece for the people I know that are sick, going through break-ups and are obscenely pregnant in July.

Everytime I think about giving up on the appliqué technique, I think of the Folk Art Museum’s Bird of Paradise quilt.

NYTimes Op-Ed: More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind

Jul 25th, 2011

Here’s an Op-Ed about the Shakespearean overtones to the Murdoch affair. Initially I was a little hesitant to do something so obvious, but the more I fiddled the more it looked like a crappy political cartoon. In the end I think this was probably the right choice. AD Rodrigo Honeywell.

Plansponsor Cover

Jul 15th, 2011

Cover for this month’s Plansponsor. AD SooJin Buzelli.

Studio Closed + Comics Journal Interview

Jul 5th, 2011

Hi all,

I’m on vacation until July 13, but will periodically checking email.

Here’s something to read while I’m away: a Comics Journal interview I did when I was at TCAF a few months ago, by Chris Randle.

[Did you win something in today’s contest? I’ll be sending out things asap when I return. Sorry for the wait!]



Jul 5th, 2011

Welcome to the Results Show!

People, I am OVERWHELMED by the response to this very humble contest. I received over 60 entries (pictures and donations) from across the globe and we raised $800 (!) for Unicef! (Remember to write that off, donors.)

And without further ado:

The winner of the Walrus tote/Indoor Voice prize pack is Juan Carlos Solon! Juan donated to Unicef and was chosen by a random draw. I met Juan at last year’s AI party. Nice guy. Congrats, Juan!

There were two Irish Myths books to give away. I decided to divvy them up to a pro and non-pro. I can honestly say I received some work that many a legitimate publication would be happy to print.

The winner in the “Pro” category is Andrew Schick for his picture “The Clam-Diggers”. Mr. Schick sez, “I had the idea while sitting on a beach near my house and watching a family dig up gooey ducks and clams.” Great story and I like the dichotomy of Observer and Participant in this picture.

The winner in the “Non-Pro” (which I defined as amateurs/students/someone who makes less than half of their living from illustration) is Maryanna Hoggatt, who drew her inspiration from the old yarn about watermelons sprouting in your stomach if you swallow watermelon seeds. Keep up with the coloured ink + charcoal, Maryanna. To me, this feels like the start of something sophisticated and fresh.

Choosing only one per category was so hard, with such varying personalities and approaches. Unfortunately due to volume, I can’t run all of the entries, but here are a few of my favourites (both pro and non-pro). If you like what you see, go visit the artists’ websites!

Philip Hall: “I like the myths that famous musicians aren’t dead, Elvis been abducted – or that Paul McCartney didn’t died years ago and that he doesn’t use a lookalike…ha yeah right. Lennon spends his summers jamming in greenhouses.”

Roman Muradov submitted this charming picture and explains: “It depicts an ancient Poldevian tradition of burning post-it drawings of curious creatures accumulated through dull summer jobs. Usually performed on August 28th (29th if you’re left-handed).”

Next, another bit of summer whimsy, perhaps a little closer to home? Seo Kim not only has a beautifully light touch and sense of character, but a very amusing URL (www.instantdoodles.com).

But, whoops, Ryan Haywood is here to set the record straight: “Losing weight for summer continues to be, year after year, a big fat myth.” Thanks, Ryan! (P.S. Your work is so gorgeous, dude.)

I would say that most entries dealt with the idea of mythological beasts and legends. Emmanuel Tavares gets down to brass tax: Summer is about goofing off and neglecting responsibilities.

Actually, you know what? Forget about it. Summer is about hot dudes and beefy centaurs. By Ana Benaroya.

Anthony Wislar submits this piece titled “Mating Season”. Very “New Yorker”!

M.S. Corley created his own Summer myth: “It is said that you should never stare directly into the sun or else you will give up your sight. This is of course only a half truth. You will lose your earthly sight yes, but you will gain a heavenly sight to see the true workings of the earth. If you are lucky enough to lose your sight upon the solstice you will truly see when summer comes upon the land, the King approaching from the east carrying the sun high in the sky. The rest of us blind to heavenly things can only know of him by watching the movements of birds in the sky or notice his passing when they feel a summers breeze.” Epic! And just the picture to go along with it:

Emily Hughes also made up a myth, The Sunburn Goddess: “It seems like she’s especially prevalent this summer, though her ‘blessings’ with pigment are different for everyone- sadly mine is a red curse.” Emily is a 2nd year illustration student but seems well on her way to finding her voice.

Chau Nguyen submitted this subtle piece with a rhetorical question: “Mine was inspired by summer nostalgia—maybe the myth of end-to-end recreation?” Spoken like a true freelancer. Chau, do you have a website? [Update: YES!]

And last but not least, here is a picture from the youngest entrant, 12-year-old Madison Wilker. 12-year-old or not, this picture is just cool. A sphynx has animated itself to run away a fire-breathing mermaid! PEOPLES’ HEADS ARE ON FIRE! Don’t lose your flare for drama, Madison!

That’s it, folks! Juan, Maryanne, Andrew, email me your addresses. Others who received an honourable mention above, please also email me your addresses, I’m going to send you a little somethin’ too.

Thank-you EVERYONE who entered, whether your image appeared here or not. Your emails brightened my days for the last few weeks. We shall do it again.

Contest Reminder

Jul 1st, 2011

FACT: While I have received many artwork entries, I have only received ONE Unicef donation! Now THAT’S good odds, people. You can donate with a credit card OR via paypal. Wanna increase your odds of getting something? Make a picture AND donate.

Contest closes July 4.