Jillian Tamaki

Irish Myths and Legends: Folio Society

Jun 6th, 2011

Here are some images from a Folio Society collection of Irish Myths and Legends. I did these images about a year ago, and am just able to release them now. I actually haven’t seen the book yet, but the cover alone is blocked with gold ink and is bound in leather… lush!

Irish mythology is fascinating and very strange. From the FS site: Here is a world of fierce battles and hunts, high kings and druids, brave horses and famous hounds, told in language of great lyricism that retains all the richness and romance of the oral tradition. I tried to think beyond the typical sorts of imagery and “styling” we are used to associating with these sorts of stories… also, by a complete stroke of luck, Sam and I had visited Ireland just the year before, and I definitely drew upon that experience while creating these images.

Here’s further info on the book and how to join the Folio Society. [There are 13 interior images. Only a selection is presented here.]