Jillian Tamaki

NYTimes Op-Ed

Feb 3rd, 2011

I did the Op-Ed that appears in today’s NYTimes. It’s about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Thanks to Alexandra Zsigmond and Aviva Michaelov. It’s definitely one of my better Op-Eds.

Yesterday I tweeted [gosh, that sounds obnoxious, but alas] about how drawing Op-Eds, with their extremely short deadlines, can feel like a real test of one’s drawing abilities. This article came in around 1 and was finished by 6. There’s not a lot of time for experimentation or meandering. Rather, you muster up as much skill as you can and off you go. Here is the sketch:

As a final note, I quite like the new(ish) layout of the Opinion landing page. It showcases the amazing art that is produced for the section.

The End!