Jillian Tamaki

Away for Thanksgiving. And News!

Nov 23rd, 2010

1. The Studio will be closed (again!) from Nov 25- Dec 2nd. I will be checking email though.

2. The Comics Journal offers an interesting analysis of SKIM.

3. I designed these tees for Desert Island comic shop! They’ll be available at the BCGF! Which I will be attending. I will be signing at the D&Q table on Saturday, 6-8. Info in link.

4. A big thank-you to Craft Goddess Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching, who mentioned my Monster Quilt on her blog today. Fun fact: it was one of Jenny’s starter kits that actually eased me into embroidery. Tiny world.

5. Math is hard. I’m taking a quilting class…. and it turns out quilting is a little more than just picking out delightful fabrics and happily humming along with your sewing machine? But I persevere. I will show you the results in a few weeks. Respect to the little old ladies, y’all.