Jillian Tamaki

Skim in DUTCH!

Oct 21st, 2010

Skim will soon be available in another language. So far we’re up to French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch… Italian and Portuguese are to come! The publisher is of the Dutch editionSherpa and they’ll be be shuttling us around Holland and Belgium in a little under two weeks!

Here is a list of events:

Tues, Nov 2
5: Presentation and Press Release, Lambiek (Amsterdam, Holland)

Wed, Nov 3
Lecture/Workshop, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. (closed to public.)
4-6: Signing, Stripwinkel SJORS bookshop (Dordrecht, Holland)

Thurs, Nov 4
3-5.30: Signing, De Stripkever (Mechelen, Belgium)

Fri, Nov 5
12-2: Signing, Het B-Gevaar (Brussels, Belgium)
4-6: Signing, Het Besloten Land (Leuven, Belgium)

Sat, Nov 6
11-4: Launch and Signings, Stripkunstbeurs/Comic Art Show (Utrecht, Brussels)

(If you’re an illustrator and have no interest in comics at all, please also come say hi! I will not pressure sell to you!)