Jillian Tamaki

SDCC 2010 Con Report

Jul 30th, 2010

So I’m just getting back into the swing of things after our epic California trip. Here is a con report!

(You can also read it LARGER.)

There are a few other things to mention:

1. I rebuilt my portfolio site. www.jilliantamaki.com was hacked very badly and removing the hack proved more irritating than scrapping the thing and starting anew. I pared it down and added annotations to some of the pieces. I’ll be polishing it up over the next few weeks, but I really, really needed The Internet to stop thinking I was running some kind of sex-aid pharmacy. Although I AM Canadian…

2. I am part of a new anthology: Marvel Strange Tales II. Yes, I am now a Marvel Artist. How effing cool is THAT?! I made a short comic about Dazzler. So much fun. Can’t wait to share more of this project.

3. Indoor Voice. Did I mention that I already? Well, I added some pictures!

Links to some of the pertinent people in the above comic:
Peter Birkemoe (The Beguiling)
Chris Butcher
James Sturm
Gabrielle Bell
Vanessa Davis, whose book “Make Me A Woman” is terrific
Trevor Alixopulos
Mimi Pond
Angie Wang
Hellen Jo
Sam Weber, of course
Heidi MacDonald
Hope Larson
Bryan Lee O’Malley
Eric Nakamura, of Giant Robot