Jillian Tamaki


Jul 29th, 2010

INDOOR VOICE! It’s here! A box came today!

It never gets old opening a box of your own books.

So it should be trickling into stores soon (or order online here). Let me tell you about the book:

I consider Indoor Voice to be a companion piece to the book I did in 2006, Gilded Lilies. It is not a narrative story (like Skim), but rather a collection of short comics, sketchbook stuff, etc. It’s inspired, in fact, by the spirit of this very blog. (There are some “reprints” of blog material, but much of it is new.) It can be hard to sum up a book like this, but I had some practice talking about it at Comic-con: I think this book is a snapshot of a year or two in a creative life and is probably best enjoyed by others who live or aspire to a creative life as well.

Making “art” (in the loosest, purest sense of word) for a living is tough. I see students, often in the 2nd semester of 4th year, come to a sinking realization that Illustration is sometimes not fun at all. It’s work. Work that is sometimes boring, frustrating, by-committee, and maddeningly collaborative. Some people are great at viewing illustration as just a profession, a job, filling a need, rendering a service. No problem with that at all. Part of me views it that way too (it’s part of “being a professional”). But I do sincerely believe that without personal work and comics, I might go nuts. For the most part, there is little Sense of Play in commercial illustration (there are a few glorious exceptions to this rule). And the Sense of Play is really what nourishes creativity and, ultimately, good work (paid or otherwise). Sometimes, I think, it’s actually more important than rigorous practice.

So. Here you go. A little glimpse into Play.