Jillian Tamaki


Jun 29th, 2010

So with the help of Sharon at Mediatemple (goddess!), website issues have been resolved as of 2am this morning. Thanks for your emails offering help! If you have MT, I heartily recommend using their Support ticket system. Yay Sharon!

Pencil Factory Studio Space!

Jun 28th, 2010

Oh! And hello, amazing opportunity:

There are 2 studio spaces available in the Pencil Factory here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you are sane, respectful, and don’t work with toxic chemicals, check out the info here. An amazing opportunity to share a space with some of the best in the biz.

Super Pharmacy

Jun 28th, 2010
A bit of news… we just wrapped up production on Indoor Voice, the little book of minicomics and sketchbooky stuff. Will be available in August. The book will also be available at Comic-con, which I will be attending.
Also, someone has hacked into my site and screwed up my google listing. Site itself is still fine.
I’m on the issue. While eating a brownie because I feel like I “deserve” it. If you have concrete experience fixing this, please let me know. jill (AT) jilliantamaki (dotcom)


Jun 24th, 2010

Nude Running

Jun 22nd, 2010

This is a double page spread for Runner’s World Germany. You can click to enlarge it a bit.

It’s about Nude Running.

I explained this to some non-illustrators recently and they got the biggest kick out of the concept of devising such a picture (and getting paid for it).

AD Grit Brüggemann.

Father’s Day Comic

Jun 19th, 2010

I have a comic in this Sunday’s New York Times. It’s about fathers I have known.

The comic is available at nytimes.com, but the quality is better here (click to enlarge).

Popples, Skip-Its, Pogoballs, Kraft Singles, Barbies, and my dad’s 1985 Toyota Supra. Life is good.

Thanks Aviva Michaelov, Alicia DeSantis, and Taeeun Yoo for the Korean help!


Jun 15th, 2010


Jun 15th, 2010

It’s been a bit quiet around here. Trying to live life a little more offline these days.

Plus, I’ve taken up embroidering pretty enthusiastically. I’m making a crazy quilt right now.