Jillian Tamaki

Half World Giveaway

Apr 1st, 2010

So my blog moved a few days ago and that was slightly traumatic.

But I think it’s gonna be okay.

As a THANK-YOU to those of you who changed your RSS feeds and such, I am doing a little giveaway contest.

Today, April 1, Hiromi Goto’s book Half World was released in the US by Viking/Penguin books. I did the illustrations (cover and interiors). I have to read a lot of stuff for my job, and I don’t enjoy a lot of it. I really enjoyed this.

SO! I have a TWO promo packages to give away: a copy of Half World, a softcover copy of Skim, plus a copy of the Newsprint Pencil Factory poster promo, plus some postcards.

What would one have to do to receive such a magical prize? Simple. Just “Like” this post in Google Reader. Here’s how:

I’ll randomly choose two winners and post the results here tomorrow.

Thanks again!

P.S. Make sure you’re not “Anonymous”… not that you need your real name obviously. Just something to identify yourself.