Jillian Tamaki


Mar 28th, 2010


Welcome to the new home of my Sketchblog. For reasons that are super annoying and boring, I cannot keep publishing from the old address. This one has the catchier name of blog.jilliantamaki.com AND I can post bigger pictures too. That’s good!

Pretty, pretty please won’t you update your RSS and bookmarks? It would make me so very happy. Even though I haven’t allowed comments, I *truly* appreciate you (1000+ subscribers!) reading my blog and maybe hope you’re inspired to make your own smarmy, messy drawings.

I’m very sorry, but I will eventually be deleting my old blog in a week or so to avoid confusion. I know that may screw up a lot of peoples’ links. I’m sorry. Those posts are still here, archived. Here are some links to the most popular posts:

Thoughts on a Sketchbook

Idea Generation

Drawing Animals

Thank-you again and sorry for any inconvenience.