Jillian Tamaki

Heart Running

Nov 20th, 2009

Here’s an illustration for Runner’s World Germany. It’s about running with a heart condition. Usually I don’t use such a “deep space” in illustrations, but this was kinda fun. A little atmospheric interference* goes a long way.

*for students: the basic principle, as it pertains to art and drawing, is that things get more “low-value” as they get farther away. This is due to moisture, pollution, and other particles floating in the air between your eye and whatever you’re looking at. That’s why someone standing 10 feet away will appear crisper and more high value, than, say, the Empire State Building a mile away in the distance. In reality, the image above maybe isn’t the best example, since it’s kind of about fog and whatnot. The example of the Empire State Building is better.