Jillian Tamaki

15 Uses for Newsprint, with 200% more Studio Photos

Nov 22nd, 2009

‘Spent yesterday at the Pencil Factory stuffing envelopes and drawing pictures. Sometimes you collaborate with other people and it ends up better than you could do by yourself and you get depressed.

Anyway, the promo posters are going out soon (contest winners, I’m mailing today!). You can now buy a poster package online for $10 if you so desire.

I was asked to take some photos of my studio space for Pencil Factory Promo, so here they are. I have three desks: one for computer, one for light-table/drawing, and another (not visible) that simply exists to hold paper.

I had to bribe the cat with a tub of catnip to be in the room for this photo.

I also have to designate a cat sleeping area on my desk. That’s precious real estate, you know. This cat is a total pain in the ass. Print by Suvinai Ashoona, god’s-eyes by Alison Yip.

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