Jillian Tamaki

Skim News

Oct 7th, 2009

(Above: a maquette of blown up thumbnails. This correlates to page 88/89 in the final book. Click to enlarge.)

Skim has been nominated for some Lulu Awards! Skim HERSELF has been nommed as “Best Female Character”!

Kim “Skim” Cameron Trivia: Skim’s last name was originally “Takota”, until we realized her Dad was White and probably wouldn’t have the last name Takota. Which ended up not really being Japanese anyway (we googled and from what we could find, “Takota” is maybe Sioux?). We are bad Japanese people.

Mariko was awarded the Joe Shuster Award a few days ago for Best Writer for Skim and Emiko Superstar. Go coz!