Jillian Tamaki

FLARE Magazine

Sep 17th, 2009

Bigtime LOLs, guys. Mariko and I have been named by FLARE Magazine (“Canada’s Fashion Authority”) as one of 30 Noteworthy Women in their special 30th Anniversary issue. I think we *may* have been counted as one woman. Therefore we may technically be 1/2 a noteworthy woman each. Sounds about right.

The list includes Coco Rocha, Ellen Page, and Anna Paquin. Okay!

Artsy Duo: Chances are you have seen the work of Calgary-born Illustrator Jillian Tamaki gracing the pages of the New York Times, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly or the National Post. Most recently, the 29-year-old talent teamed up with her 33-year-old cousin, Toronto writer Mariko Tamaki to create the teen-angst-filled graphic novel SKIM.

Good Genes: Keep an eye out for Mariko’s next masterpiece, tentatively titled Freshman 15.

On Canadian beauty: “We are like a forest dew on a beech-bark canoe,” says Jillian.

On Canadian etiquette: “At times, we’re a rude bunch and many of us need to learn how to use a turn signal but, overall, we’re pretty amazing people,” says Mariko.