Jillian Tamaki


Sep 30th, 2009

I uploaded a small selection of killed (RIP) sketches onto Drawger. Most of the ideas one comes up with don’t see the light of day. Many of these I like better than what eventually got taken to final. I try to recycle some of the decent ideas (it sometimes works).

I like presenting these without the concepts. It’s kinda neat to just look at them as pictures.


Sep 29th, 2009

Classic Death/Modern Death

Sep 27th, 2009

Preppin’ for tomorrow’s class.

Garden Lady

Sep 23rd, 2009

This is a portrait of a Risk Adviser lady for an online magazine called ai5000, part of the “Plansponsor” family. I noticed a resemblance between this and some of Paul Smith’s prints in the last pot.

Whenever I get paid to do online stuff, I feel very very happy. It makes me hopeful that illustration can be viable on the internet. Paid illustration, that is.

You can view the rest of the magazine, which has lots of other illustrations. Here’s John Cuneo’s.

On another note, I love it when the layout actually makes the illustration look BETTER. Pretty.

AD SooJin Buzelli.

Paul Smith Spring 2010

Sep 22nd, 2009

Colour, Pattern, Balance, tiny bursts. Full show.

Rest of the Sculpey’s

Sep 22nd, 2009

Note: these weren’t actually made with Sculpy™, but rather Das Modeling Clay.

Rosanne Cash for the New Yorker

Sep 21st, 2009

A long-skinny for this week’s New Yorker. Sorry, these don’t show up very large. Click thru to enlarged image.

I haven’t done a New Yorker illustration in a while. They actually gave me one of my first jobs when I was starting out (my head nearly exploded when they called). I still see that first illustration floating around the Internet…

AD Max Bode.

Best American Comics 2009

Sep 20th, 2009

SKIM has been included in this year’s Best American Comics anthology. Thanks Jessica Abel, Matt Madden and guest editor Charles Burns. Wow–a huge honor to be asked to contribute.

More info, including a list of other contributors, is here.

Sculpey Fun

Sep 20th, 2009

I’m an incredibly terrible sculptor. Anything 3D, really. But sometimes it’s good to do stuff you suck at. I think they’re kind of cute.

FLARE Magazine

Sep 17th, 2009

Bigtime LOLs, guys. Mariko and I have been named by FLARE Magazine (“Canada’s Fashion Authority”) as one of 30 Noteworthy Women in their special 30th Anniversary issue. I think we *may* have been counted as one woman. Therefore we may technically be 1/2 a noteworthy woman each. Sounds about right.

The list includes Coco Rocha, Ellen Page, and Anna Paquin. Okay!

Artsy Duo: Chances are you have seen the work of Calgary-born Illustrator Jillian Tamaki gracing the pages of the New York Times, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly or the National Post. Most recently, the 29-year-old talent teamed up with her 33-year-old cousin, Toronto writer Mariko Tamaki to create the teen-angst-filled graphic novel SKIM.

Good Genes: Keep an eye out for Mariko’s next masterpiece, tentatively titled Freshman 15.

On Canadian beauty: “We are like a forest dew on a beech-bark canoe,” says Jillian.

On Canadian etiquette: “At times, we’re a rude bunch and many of us need to learn how to use a turn signal but, overall, we’re pretty amazing people,” says Mariko.