Jillian Tamaki

TV Watching 2

Aug 17th, 2009

I go on TV benders when I am at my parents’ place or on vacation, being a rabbit-ears person normally. I drew this picture (and the last) at my grandparents’ condo in Florida. Turner Classic Movies. Bigtime.

TV Watching

Aug 16th, 2009

Black Acid Co-op

Aug 14th, 2009

Only a few more days to see Black Acid Co-op at Deitch Projects in Soho. Far and away the creepiest, scariest art I think I’ve ever… experienced. Installation Images here.

A very interesting cinematic-type experience and exercise in juxtaposition. Plus, it pushed some nostalgia buttons in a really screwed up way. Efff.

Times Review.

Bernie Madoff-type character

Aug 14th, 2009

Rachel Salomon Dream Drawings

Aug 12th, 2009

I like this collection of Rachel Salomon drawings. They are based on dreams. There’s something sort of comicbooky about them, no?

Colour Girl

Aug 12th, 2009

Research Sketches

Aug 8th, 2009

Tew New

Aug 6th, 2009

Two new illustrations added to my portfolio:

The first, for the incomparable SooJin (she’s like Cher or Madonna… on a one-name basis) at Plansponsor, “Stressed Out Kites”:

The second, for Brian Morgan at The Walrus, an illustration that accompanied a short fiction piece (click to enlarge).

Blue and Green

Aug 4th, 2009

On Museums

Aug 3rd, 2009

There’s an interesting article in today’s New York Times about how we engage with museums. Despite my sadly stunted Art History education (1st Year University canonical survey course), it’s a topic I find very interesting. It never fails to amuse me to see tourists in the Met who take a lot of pictures but fail to actually look at anything. Not to sound too snobby about it.

The article reminds me of a very good Walrus essay by Adam Gopnik, which explores the evolution of museums’ mission and functions.

(As a sidenote, I first heard the Gopnik essay as a podcast produced by CBC’s Ideas program… an excellent download.)