Jillian Tamaki

McGolrick Park, Brooklyn

Jul 31st, 2009

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This is a test image, in which I tried to make a more “developed” picture of the little animals I’ve been playing around with recently.


Cleaning Out the Studio

Jul 31st, 2009

I’m moving… please pardon the lapse in posting!

Pink Skirt

Jul 26th, 2009

Another pink skirt. This actually looks like my mom circa 1990.

I have had quite a few people email about prints of the ballerina. Email me regarding info for purchasing prints if you’re interested. jill (AT) jilliantamaki (dot) com.

NYTimes Arts Cover

Jul 25th, 2009

My work is on the cover of the NYTimes Arts section today. It is about New York City Ballet members being laid off. Read the article here.

Thanks to Ed Nacional!

Instuds Interview!

Jul 24th, 2009

Had a really fun interview with Robin from Inkstuds yesterday. Topics covered: ethnics, raccoon-dog balls, computers, the aging process. Oh! And Comics!

Thanks Robin!

Listen Here.

Best Friends

Jul 22nd, 2009


Jul 21st, 2009

Unfortunately I will not be at Comic-con this weekend! Boooo. But have a great time if you are! And if you’re a girl, I’ll trust you’ll be spending your time doing better things than merely drooling over Jake Gyllenhhaaaayyll. Wish us luck at the Eisners!

Skim has just been released in the UK. It was recently reviewed in the Irish Times.

Above, a panel from the Japanese ed of Skim. I looked at the proofs today!

Lastly, randomly, Lena Sjöberg’s blog leads me to believe that things are better in Sweden.

Bad Mood

Jul 20th, 2009

Dirty Bomb

Jul 17th, 2009

Here’s an older job I did with Backpacker magazine. I remember I reading the email from the Art Director when I was in Ireland. Sitting on a couch in a B&B on the Dingle Peninsula. Ahh. I wonder if it’s gross and humid in Ireland right now.

The article is about how it would be theoretically be quite easy to smuggle a bomb into the US across the Canadian border.

Getting the layout before you start is ideal. For some reason, it just helps visualize good compositions.

AD Matthew Bates.


Jul 16th, 2009