Jillian Tamaki


Jun 11th, 2009

Three tiny bits of news:

1. Mariko and I are LIVECHATTING today, Thursday, June 11, for the CBC Canada Reads Book Club. The time is 2 pm ET. Here is where it’ll be taking place; you can sign up for an email reminder too. I think the discussion will be Skim focussed, but if you would like to ask an illustration-y or other random question, give it a shot.

2. I won a Canadian National Magazine Award for my work in the Walrus! Specifically for this guy, “The Lynching of Louie Sam”. Thank you again and again to Brian Morgan who sends these assignments my way. The Walrus is a rare, dream client that provides interesting material AND lets illustrators run a little wild.

3. I will not be teaching next semester at Parsons… need to take a little break and work on my own stuff for a while.