Jillian Tamaki

Stuff Learned in Irish Museums Pt.3

Mar 31st, 2009

(the last part)

If you are in Dublin, visit the Chester Beatty Library. Chester Beatty had a very interesting life, but the short version is: Rich American makes a ton of money prospectin’, bought tons of books, manuscripts, and other printed matter from around the world, dies, bequeaths the entire collection to his adopted homeland of Ireland. The collection is a must-see for anyone remotely interested in illustration or design.

As much as beauty is subject to fashion over the ages, beauty doesn’t change that much at all.

Depicting Muhammad was actually common in Islamic art. But he had to be veiled and had a gold flaming halo around him that looks like this. It also makes him easy to pick out in a picture.

Persian miniaturists were just getting the hang of not drawing stuff in strict profile.

Engraving is not an intuitive process. It can’t really be called drawing at all. You rotated the plate on a spinning base, constantly pulling one way on the stylus. Seems frustrating.