Jillian Tamaki

Stuff Learned in Irish Museums Pt.2

Mar 30th, 2009

Vikings also, ingeniously, invented the shoe sole. I guess people had been running around with single seamed leather socks before? Or, as Sam put it, “essentially, a bag on your foot”. In any event, the new improved shoes: all the better to pillage with!

Cute: Vikings made toys for their kids. Like this boat and sword. I wondered how an archaeologist could deduce that that was the exact function of these objects…

Brooches were a very popular way of pinning up one’s cloak in the middle ages. As time went on, they became more bejeweled and ornate–obviously a way to denote your wealth and fabulousness. By the end of this crazy you were probably lugging around a pound or two metal. But such is fashion.

Good design is timeless.

(National Museum of Ireland)