Jillian Tamaki

Stuff Learned in Irish Museums Pt.1

Mar 29th, 2009

Peat Bogs are useful for preserving things because they are an airtight anaerobic environment. Many things have been found in bogs, perfectly preserved for centuries.
Sam is a contrarian who likes to say stuff that will get a reaction from you. In this case, “I dunno, I just don’t find these bog bodies all that interesting.” Which is just patently untrue and not possible. You may be grossed out by them or scared or whatever, but it’s simply against human nature to find them UNINTERESTING. Most bog bodies were thrown in their respective bogs after they were murdered and are often found with bludgeon marks and nooses around their necks.

Many artifacts are found in HOARDS. That is, stashed booty. I found this concept completely irresistible. Imagine stumbling upon a hoard! Hoards were usually purposely buried for safekeeping or ritualistic reasons. A lot about ancient Irish people is very mysterious.

The Vikings were ruthless and kept very sharp swords.

(National Museum of Ireland)