Jillian Tamaki

Super Special SKIM Grab-bag!

Jan 23rd, 2009

I have a surplus of SKIM books. I need to get rid of them. But I’m aware that many of you might already own it. So I’m trying to sweeten the deal to move product. Here’s the package:

1- diligently signed copy of SKIM (retail: $20)

2- one copy of the Dive!Versions mini-comic (retail: $4)

3- one illustration postcard

4- one SMALL PIECE OF ORIGINAL ART. Sorry, you can’t choose and no requests. But what if I promised you it won’t suck? Work is in ink or watercolour and has probably appeared on this blog. I rarely sell original art and do not plan on starting, so whatta deal!

5- one random piece of merchandise that I have kicking around. This could include a Poketo wallet (pictured, retail: $20) OR a small archival print (retail: $45), OR a small collection of buttons. If you have a preference you can let me know but no guarantees.

So it’s a bit of a grab-bag, but maybe you’ll enjoy it. The cost? $125. A bit more if you’re outside N.America. This includes shipping. Supplies limited.