Jillian Tamaki


Jan 30th, 2009

Okay, so I’m not going to get into this too deep, but I thought the comments in the CBC audio link below were funny.

Here’s the link again. Scroll down below blue text. (Originally, the landing page had the spread of Skim and Ms. Archer kissing.)

I admit I’ve been somewhat (pleasantly!) surprised how much of a non-issue the lesbian aspect AND the student-teacher relationship has been. It’s rarely come up, to be honest.

Interesting fact: Skim was originally produced for an underground zine. The graphic novel version was published by a Canadian children’s book publisher. It has been picked up Casterman for their Écritures series, which is mainly translations from Japanese and North American adult comics. In the UK, it will be released by Walker Books, a children’s book publisher. In Spain, it will be released by La Cúpula, which seems to definitely skew more underground and adult-themed (they also release some erotic comics). It’s all a matter of context.

Skim News

Jan 29th, 2009

You can listen to the CBC interview online. GODDDD, I hate listening to myself. Whatever.

Skim has been listed on 2 YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) Top Ten lists! Great Graphic Novels for Teens and Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults.

Bird By Bird

Jan 28th, 2009

Okay, so I’ve recommended this book to various people about 4 or 5 times since I read it a few months ago. Might as well post it here: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott.

If you have any inkling to write stories, I think you’d like this book. I liked the tone and style (sort of a gentle manifesto mixed in with amusing anecdotes) and found it inspiring and helpful. It’s a quick but worthwhile read. As I read more about the writing process, I keep on seeing parallels to the visual creative process as well. Some of the neural pathways must be the same or something.

Follow the link for more info, etc.

Bird Wrangler

Jan 28th, 2009


Jan 28th, 2009


Jan 26th, 2009

The Super Special Offer (below) is half-sold-out!

In other art merchandising news (don’t worry, all of this razzle dazzle BUY MY STUFF nonsense will be ending shortly), Sam Weber is now selling a selection of original art. Lots of you guys ask him about it, now’s you’re chance!

Super Special SKIM Grab-bag!

Jan 23rd, 2009

I have a surplus of SKIM books. I need to get rid of them. But I’m aware that many of you might already own it. So I’m trying to sweeten the deal to move product. Here’s the package:

1- diligently signed copy of SKIM (retail: $20)

2- one copy of the Dive!Versions mini-comic (retail: $4)

3- one illustration postcard

4- one SMALL PIECE OF ORIGINAL ART. Sorry, you can’t choose and no requests. But what if I promised you it won’t suck? Work is in ink or watercolour and has probably appeared on this blog. I rarely sell original art and do not plan on starting, so whatta deal!

5- one random piece of merchandise that I have kicking around. This could include a Poketo wallet (pictured, retail: $20) OR a small archival print (retail: $45), OR a small collection of buttons. If you have a preference you can let me know but no guarantees.

So it’s a bit of a grab-bag, but maybe you’ll enjoy it. The cost? $125. A bit more if you’re outside N.America. This includes shipping. Supplies limited.


Clown Rock

Jan 22nd, 2009

Test your knowledge of Comedy Rock.


Jan 21st, 2009


Jan 21st, 2009