Jillian Tamaki


Nov 26th, 2008

Hello, I am back from my mini-Calgary vacay. I do love lots about my hometown, but being there makes me feel all angst-y and teenage-y so I’m glad to be back.

There is a bit of news.

Skim did NOT win the Governor General’s Award.

Skim original art will be on display at the D&Q store in Montreal next month/early next year. I will keep you notified as to when exactly that is happening.

7 of my pieces have been chosen for the Society of Illustrators this year. One of ’em won a silver medal in the book category (see below)! It’s the book cover to an upcoming YA novel (just a novel, not a graphic novel) called “Half World” by Hiromi Goto. I also did interior illustrations. I’ll tell you all ’bout it when it’s released next year.

Happy Thanksgiving.