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Monster Friends

Nov 30th, 2008

Pensive Lady

Nov 30th, 2008

Nov 28th, 2008

A namecheck by Lynda Barry? (!!)

I stumbled upon this fantastic, extended interview with Lynda Barry, courtesy of the Walrus. I’m currently trying my hand at writing comics and I really think Lynda’s ideas about creativity are very inspiring and helpful. She says some very candid and interesting things about the Best American Comics series.

Part 1.

Part 2.

My last post on Lynda’s new book, What it is.

Britney Spears

Nov 28th, 2008

Test your knowledge of Britney Spears.

Thanksgiving Pie

Nov 27th, 2008


Nov 26th, 2008

Hello, I am back from my mini-Calgary vacay. I do love lots about my hometown, but being there makes me feel all angst-y and teenage-y so I’m glad to be back.

There is a bit of news.

Skim did NOT win the Governor General’s Award.

Skim original art will be on display at the D&Q store in Montreal next month/early next year. I will keep you notified as to when exactly that is happening.

7 of my pieces have been chosen for the Society of Illustrators this year. One of ’em won a silver medal in the book category (see below)! It’s the book cover to an upcoming YA novel (just a novel, not a graphic novel) called “Half World” by Hiromi Goto. I also did interior illustrations. I’ll tell you all ’bout it when it’s released next year.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tonal Studies

Nov 17th, 2008

I was a mean teacher and made my students do this very classic art school exercise this week. Tonal studies! It’s one of those exercises, much like colour theory studies, that seem kind of stupid at the time but, as you get a little older and a little wiser, you eventually see the value in.

Do all pictures fit neatly into these categories? Of course not. But I think improper organization of space is the reason a lot of student work looks weak and without impact. Compositionally confused. If you think in tone during the sketch phase, you can avoid a lot of hassle later on when you’re pondering why your spindly line drawing looks so wimpy.

Also think about what your colour pieces would look like if you were to photocopy it in black and white. If it’s an overall grey, perhaps that’s an indication that your piece could use some tonal re-thinking.

More Shiny Happy People

Nov 17th, 2008

Life in Colour

Nov 16th, 2008

The Dark Knight for Entertainment Weekly

Nov 15th, 2008

Not all comics are about morose, gothy Canadian teenagers! Some comics are about heroic acts performed by men in tight pants. I got to do one of the latter during a week that was ruled by the former.

Truthfully, this thing was actually about a week and a half in the making. It was a MASSIVE project, what with the full-colour treatment, lettering and bajillion likenesses. To complicate matters, since this movie is not yet available on DVD and there are apparently no photos of many of the key scenes, I had to tromp out to one of the two movie theatres in NYC still playing The Dark Knight to SKETCH my reference.

I will admit, there is something thrilling about being paid to go to a movie.

Anyhow, it was a super fun albeit taxing project. I’m no Paul Pope, but I gave it the ol’ college try. *SPECIAL* thanks to Hannah K. Lee, a Parsons senior and burrito enthusiast, for being a very diligent scanning monkey. Please check out her work.

AD Eric Paul.