Jillian Tamaki

More Weirdness

Oct 28th, 2008

I am very interested in Horror Manga, but it’s really hard to find here. I was in Kinokuniya yesterday though picking up some reference material and I remember reading about this book, Cat Eyed Boy, on Chris Butcher’s blog.

This is some seriously freaky shit, people. Buy it now. It’s so exciting and thrilling… I mean, when’s the last time you read something and exclaimed “OH MY GOD!” aloud? It reminded me of being a kid and being absolutely titillated to read about sex or violence in a book… you can hardly believe someone has printed this! And you’re READING it!

Cat Eyed Boy is a half-human, half-monster child whose mostly human appearance bans him from the demon world. He lives hidden in the shadows of the human world, hated by humans and demons alike. Wherever he goes, awful events occur as the humans and demons interact. In 11 stories of revenge and retribution full of disturbing images, Cat Eyed Boy acts as a trickster, saving the innocent and helping the wicked receive the punishment that fate metes out. The first volume contains four stories and the first part of a fifth and longer story. CAT EYED BOY was created by Kazuo Umezu, the undisputed master of Japanese horror manga and creator of the critically acclaimed DRIFTING CLASSROOM (also published by VIZ Media). Cat Eyed Boy offers up a concoction of dark vignettes dripping with the macabre and the absurd.

I am excited to see that an alternative manga journal, AX, will be coming to North America. I try to get weirdo Garo stuff when I can because I feel bleaky uneducated about this topic I find so interesting…