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Goth Fashion

Sep 18th, 2008

NYTimes article and slideshow on Gothy fashion. I enjoy the term “damp emotional climate”.


Sep 16th, 2008

Holy crap!

Skim got nominated for two Ignatz awards!

The awards are given out at SPX this fall. We’ll be there. Will you? Come see us. I’ll post more info as I get it regarding table location and whatnot. I’ll also be participating on a panel (ulp) about page design with some really amazing artists that I really look up to. Sometimes I feel like such an poser…

(Poster by Hope Larson)

2 Gs

Sep 15th, 2008


Sep 11th, 2008

Test your knowledge of the Coen Brothers.

Maurice Sendak Profile, NY Times

Sep 10th, 2008

Interesting read, despite the groan-inducing artist vs. illustrator bit at the beginning.

A Message

Sep 10th, 2008

For Plansponsor, AD SooJin Buzelli. The prompt was “communicating a message.” Sketch and alternate sketch below.

We’ve been talking about the appropriate “level” of a sketch in class. When you’re showing an Art Director a sketch, it’s really important to fully articulate visually what they can expect for a final. A random collection of quick jots or loose thumbnails is not enough. Jots and thumbnails ARE important, but are more for your own idea generation en route to a real sketch, which is fully realized, in the correct proportions, etc. It doesn’t need to be ridiculously tight (as you can see, some stuff got changed/added from sketch to final), but there is a very logical progression from one stage to the next.

Three Frankensteins

Sep 9th, 2008

Fashion Week

Sep 8th, 2008

There are two weeks out of the year that I avoid Manhattan like the plague. Yes, it’s Fashion Week time again! One day, beautiful 14-year-old Estonian, you too will shrivel up like a prune.


Sep 7th, 2008

Chimpy Friday

Sep 5th, 2008