Jillian Tamaki


Aug 8th, 2008

For the Boston Globe, AD Brian Gross.

Channel 6 Comics

Aug 7th, 2008


Aug 5th, 2008

Unfinished Dancers

Aug 4th, 2008

The watercolourist, who shall not be named, copped out on this one.

Book Review illustration

Aug 1st, 2008

Here’s an illustration that’ll be in this weekend’s Washington Post BookWorld section. Book reviews, I think, are the most fun editorial jobs because you get to delve into a narrative and not worry about conveying every idea in the article.

I am attempting to pull back a bit and bring my work back to a “clearer” line. The thing with that technique is that it requires extremely careful colour-picking, which can be a bit laborious. Then, um, the art director (the lovely Beth Broadwater) informed me it was actually supposed to be black and white. Whoops. Read your emails carefully, kids.