Jillian Tamaki

Berlin: Androgyny

Apr 30th, 2008

Berlin women do androgyny very well. Hot.

Berlin: Kissing

Apr 30th, 2008

There was a lot of PDA in Berlin. As a Canadian, I really can’t condone that…


Apr 28th, 2008

For the Boston Globe, AD Greg Klee. Bats have weird proportions.

NYC Thoughts

Apr 27th, 2008

I just flipped through this slideshow of photographer Jill Freedman’s work on the NYTimes site. I love these old photos of the city and it makes me wonder, as a relative newcomer, if I would have been able to hack the NYC of the 70s and 80s.

Accompanying article.

Berlin: Bicycle-less Bicycle

Apr 27th, 2008

Skim Originals

Apr 26th, 2008

There is a mini-show of original Skim art at The Beguiling in Toronto. There are sketches, pencils, inked pages, and even stuff from the pre-Skim Skim (Part 1 of the story existed as a stand-alone comic book; all art was redone for the new version).

Info, including address, here. Thank-you to Chris and Peter for asking and organizing!

Reference Folders

Apr 25th, 2008

(which hold reference photos for current projects on my desktop)

Thick-Necked Man

Apr 25th, 2008


Apr 24th, 2008

Mariah Carey

Apr 23rd, 2008

Test your knowledge of Mariah Carey.

My job is awesome. Where else does “research” involve watching dirty ol’ Mimi and her various breast slings bounce around in youtube videos? I was minorly obsessed for a few hours. ‘Love this cheese.