Jillian Tamaki

Toronto Rules

Mar 31st, 2008

The above pic is from the Skim Launch last week… a full house at the Gladstone! THANK-YOU everyone who came to that event and the OCAD talk.

(P.S. The girl in green? My sister, Lauren.)


A few leftover Skim links, before I resume regular posting:

National Post feature (which hilariously featured the subhead “Nepotism at Work” in the print version)

FFWD (Calgary weekly) Interview

– A CBC podcast inteview of Mariko and me on “Q”!!

– If you are interested in viewing ORIGINAL Skim art, visit The Beguiling on Markham St (around the corner from Honest Ed’s). A small collection of original sketches, pencils, and inked work will be on view of a few weeks.