Jillian Tamaki

Lunch: Deconstructed Sushi Salad

Mar 18th, 2008

I used to make sushi rolls for lunch. At the end, I’d gather up all the leftover scraps of vegetables, rice, nori, etc. and dump them in a bowl and eat that too. Eventually I cut out the “roll” part and now just make this rather strange salad.

First, make “sushi rice”. I put that in quotations because my technique is pretty much an affront to all of Japanese culture. But anyway, “sushi rice” involves washing 3/4 c rice, then adding 3/4 c water, then turning on the rice cooker. After it’s done (not long… 10-15 min?), mix in about a tbspn each of mirin and rice vinegar. That’s it.

Cut up cucumbers, carrots, and avocados. That’s my own trifecta, but you can put whatever you want in it. If I have kimchi or lettuce, I will also add those.

Put everything in a bowl. Season with soy sauce. Cut up a nori sheet if you have one and/or sprinkle with sesame seeds. [Gong]