Jillian Tamaki

ESPN Fantasy Sports

Mar 22nd, 2008

Here’s a recent project done for ESPN’s 10th Anniversary Issue. The concept: “Fantasy Sports are Fun”! The editors actually came up with the idea of the pinata party, which was initially a bit daunting. How exactly does one draw a group of kids grabbing at 10 specified athletes flying out of a pinata? But actually, I think the challenge did me good.

There’s something that makes me think the image actually looks better in the layout than by itself. I’m not sure why. Maybe the “JACKPOT” extends the line of the girl’s arm or something. Anyway. You’ll notice the asian girl got a bit of a haircut and became a boy for the magazine version! I suppose girls aren’t that into fantasy sports, but I do like the black of her hair in the original. AD Siung Tija.