Jillian Tamaki


Jan 30th, 2008


Jan 29th, 2008

YOU GUYS!! Gorillas are so fun to draw. I had no idea… could it be that I’ve never drawn one before? They have this top-heavy proportion that is very malleable and interesting. Their lines are very pleasing. Maybe my new thing will be to substitute gorillas for humans in all my illustrations. 2008 is the Year of the Gorilla.

Tanuki Sketches

Jan 28th, 2008

But what is a Tanuki?


Jan 28th, 2008

Outsider Art

Jan 27th, 2008

An “Outsider Art Fair”? “Outsider Art Dealers”? My goodness. Such a crazy strange world we live in.

Here is a NYTimes slideshow of some of that Outsider Art. For more, I suggest the American Folk Museum in Midtown.

Above, an image by Henry Darger, who seems to be a very common reference point for many in the illustration world these days.

The Emergence of Baby Boomer Retirement-Income Products

Jan 26th, 2008

Plansponsor, AD SooJin Buzelli.


Jan 25th, 2008

Britney Spears

Jan 24th, 2008


Jan 21st, 2008

Sam Weber, inventor of the “Weird Stuff Coming Out of Peoples’ Mouths” Style.

[Sam’s musical pick: “The Assassination of Jesse James” Soundtrack]


Jan 18th, 2008

Since I’m posting rude drawings today, might as well share this one too… click here for the full version, which I contributed to Rabid Rabbit’s pornogrpahy comics mini-anthology. Unfortunately when they ran it, they cropped out “Picasso’s Erotic Etchings”, which I thought was the funniest part of the drawing.