Jillian Tamaki

Japanese Masks and Robots

Dec 10th, 2007

Research Sketches for a current project.


Dec 8th, 2007

Drawing From New Sources

Dec 8th, 2007

Yo, what’s with the educational posts lately? Here is a great little animated short about alternative energy. It reminds me of vintage Sesame Street. Geoff McFetridge was involved in the animation.

A Brief Message

Dec 6th, 2007

Not a lot of posts lately. It’s been super crazy. Super Duper crazy. But here’s something new and educational to boot! Read a short article on design that I illustrated over at A Brief Message. And, if you have time, check out the back archives… I’m loving the “Under 200 Words” format.

Thanks to Khoi Vinh!

Dec 2nd, 2007

Here are the sketches for a piece that appears in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. The article is about a man on trial for killing feral cats who were preying upon endangered birds.

This is the final full-sized drawing (after the editorial changes), over which I inked the final illustration. As you can see, it serves as more as a rough guide and isn’t exactly set in stone.

Final image. It’s a full page; it’s nice when stuff is actually big enough for people to appreciate the details. I’ve also posted the accompanying spot. Art Direction by Leo Jung.