Jillian Tamaki

The Back of a Lady

Dec 31st, 2007


Dec 30th, 2007

Dance Party

Dec 29th, 2007

Personal Note

Dec 29th, 2007

In the New Year, I will be teaching at Parsons (The New School)! Visit the Illustration Department blog. Yay!

Steven Heller on Decoration

Dec 28th, 2007

A short essay on Design Observer about the “D” word: Decoration. It’s from a design slant, but it easily applies to Illustration as well. Personally I think ornamentation is a bit of a masturbatory exercise, but the essay does make some excellent points worth considering.


Dec 28th, 2007

Test your knowledge of the Children’s Fantasy genre.

Variations on a Rum Ball

Dec 28th, 2007

Hope you are all having a happy holiday. Here is a picture of some rum balls I had at a Christmas Party last week.

William Steig at the Jewish Museum

Dec 24th, 2007

NY Times slideshow on the work of William Steig. I’m going to try to check out the show when I get back to NY.

Leif: Keeping It Real

Dec 13th, 2007

Of course, you are familiar with the illustration work of Leif Parsons. Now he’s been posting some of his very good personal work.

May Kasahara

Dec 13th, 2007

The Sketchbook is feeling pretty rejected these days. The run up to Christmas is always crazy, with everyone trying to file their issues and projects before the holidays.