Jillian Tamaki

Washing Woman

Sep 16th, 2007

Black Study

Sep 14th, 2007

Adventures in Black

Sep 14th, 2007

I try not to be wimpy about the application of black. It’s something I try to practice often. I think a lot of students are quite hesitant to use black since it’s quite a commitment, especially if you’re using pen and ink.

Although, I’m certainly no Mike Mignola (obvs).

Down with Summer

Sep 12th, 2007

So it was rainy yesterday and somewhat chillier today! I kind of hate summer–Summertime here in NY is too hot and too long– so this is welcome news.

Sept 7

Sep 8th, 2007

My sister Lauren is here visiting NY. But she forgot her camera yesterday. So we drew the day. Hopefully you can read it; click for larger view.

A Dabble in Fantasy

Sep 7th, 2007