Jillian Tamaki


Jul 31st, 2007


Jul 25th, 2007

I will be away for the next two weeks, so posting might not be very regularly. I will be going home to Calgary, Alberta!

This is a small visual sampling on my thoughts about Calgary. I hope I don’t come off too negative. Its faults are also its charms. And lest you think I’m being smug, know that complaining about this stuff is the same as New Yorkers bemoaning tourists and the real estate market.

Under the Boardwalk

Jul 22nd, 2007

Hornwarts and Guppydor

Jul 21st, 2007

It is truly Harry Potter insanity here in New York. I don’t really keep up wtih the series, but Sam is a big fan. So we went to B&N in Union Square today to pick it up and it was like being in some surreal movie where some miracle product is released and there are dozens of people in line waiting to buy the same thing. Stepping out in the street, everyone was holding the book or you could see it in their bags or they were reading it on the subway.

On the upside, maybe now I don’t have to do the obligatory HP illustrations every year…

Process Sketch

Jul 20th, 2007

This guy was a sketch for an illustration project last year. They didn’t go for it, but I think I’m going to eventually try to do this on my own, since it’s one of my favourite sketches in my backlog. It’s extinct animal species in a museum type diorama. Anyone who’s visited the Museum of Natural History here in New York will be familiar.

It also gives one a sense of my sketch process.

Round Woman

Jul 18th, 2007

Old Drawing

Jul 14th, 2007

I am rooting around in my folders and I came upon this. I think it’s from last summer (don’t really draw noses like that anymore), but it sort of looks like the self-portrait thing I posted a few days ago.

Nude Beach

Jul 12th, 2007

My summers

Jul 11th, 2007


Jul 10th, 2007