Jillian Tamaki

"I think I was just moved by dance…?"

Jun 13th, 2007

Okay, these were definitely done in front of the TV. I wish I was one of those people that never watched any television, but sadly no. Sam and I watch our fair amount and, here’s the thing: we DON’T HAVE CABLE. So we can’t be like, “Oh yeah, I have my shows, but they’re HBO”. These were drawn during “So You Think You Can Dance”. I think the bottom line is that I’m really fascinated by people who can sing or dance, two skills I most definitely do not possess. That perhaps goes on to explain my fascination with that Pussycat Dolls show, but not Girlfriends or Supernanny.

Sometimes things get away from me

Jun 13th, 2007

I think I probably drew these watching TV.

Bus Station

Jun 11th, 2007

Gestural Cat

Jun 10th, 2007


Jun 8th, 2007

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Jun 7th, 2007

Blob Animals

Jun 6th, 2007


Jun 5th, 2007


Jun 5th, 2007


Jun 5th, 2007